Internal Audit

Internal Audit

At the heart of our multidisciplinary service offerings is our best-in-class internal audit services. With the risk landscape continuously changing in unexpected ways, Internal Audit needs to deliver more value and provide broader assurance. Our risk-based internal audit approach is aimed at providing independent assurance that protects the business against risk, informs strategic decision-making and improves overall performance.

Our flexible and dynamic methodology enables our clients to adopt a broader perspective on risk and follow a future-oriented approach in dealing with risk.  This is achieved by showing them how they can assess the impact of both known and unknown risks affecting their company strategy.

Providing advice based on a balance of experience and current thought leadership.

Our internal audit services include complete outsourcing and co-sourcing of the internal audit function. We assist our clients with amongst others, the following:

  • Developing the overall audit strategy including the Three-year Rolling Plan and embedding the Combined Assurance model;
  • Compiling Assurance Maps to obtain maximum coverage over a broad range of risks;
  • Formulating the Annual Audit Plan consistent with the business risk profile of the organization and taking into consideration management’s and the Board’s risk coverage expectations.
  • Contributing to an effective alignment of the internal audit methodology and the Risk Management Framework to promote a common framework for identifying, assessing, documenting and communicating business risk;
  • Compiling Audit Committee reporting packs;
  • Designing and implementing internal audit processes and systems;
  • Drafting and evaluating Audit Committee Charters to contribute to the effectiveness of Audit Committees; and
  • Drafting Internal Audit charters and Service Level Agreements outlining the nature of Internal Audit services, value creation and measurement criteria and communication protocols.

Our internal audit methodology complies with the requirements of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and is aligned to the Public Finance Management Act regulations. Our public-sector clients benefit from the in-depth insights provided by our Subject Matter Experts on Audits of Pre-determined Objectives.

We combine specialist skills, cutting-edge methodologies and state-of-the-art technology to deliver tangible business solutions.

The working relationships we develop and foster with our clients is what sets us apart.

Our internal audit approach is based on an appropriate and coordinated assurance balance that allows our clients to focus on safeguarding their operations whilst at the same time driving strategic development and growth.