IT Assurance and Advisory

IT Assurance and Advisory

Every organization needs to balance its technology needs including speed, ease of use and convenience against the critical need to keep information safe and secure against a variety of sophisticated threats and potential liability. This is why every organization needs to perform information technology audits.

Our IT assurance services help you ensure that systems optimally support your organization’s strategic vision and contribute to your organization’s risk assessment process. Through this process, we conduct a variety of IT audits which are customized to your business and that address security, compliance, performance and overall risk.

Our IT security risk management services help organizations mitigate risks to their mission-critical data and systems.

Our IT audit services include:

  • IT Applications Controls Reviews
  • IT General Controls Reviews
  • Continuous Business Monitoring (CAATS)
  • Data Analytics (Business Intelligence)
  • Network Reviews
  • Post-Implementation Reviews

We keep our focus on understanding what’s important to you, your business and your success.

When you’re ready to re-evaluate your information technology processes for possible improvement, give us a call. We’re keen to begin the discussion and learn more about your specific needs.